• From Corporate Management Development and High Street Banking to Commercial Funding.

    Paul Violet & Clive Snell

  • A fully comprehensive Commercial Funding Facility.


    "Be focussed, but use a wide angle lens"


    Originally trading as Business Development Therapy, Paul has many years of experience in the delivery of BDT, which provided a specific look at you, your business basics and delivery.


    Clive has spent his entire career in the banking arena, embracing branch management and commercial lending and insurance at a senior level.

    Initially Executive and Management Coaching and Development was our primary offering, and although that remains part of our portfolio we are concentrating on the facility that has eclipsed this in demand! Namely our Commercial Funding Facility.


    With a lifetime in financial services the necessary expertise is available in abundance, and this means we can provide the facility you need.


    Most, if not all, businesses need funding at some time. Most businesses go to their bank.

    However they could find alternatives that would provide the funding they require, often in a far more beneficial way!

    How? Because if you know where to look there is a myriad of lenders and funders employing PROFESSIONAL UNDERWRITERS, who can create the perfect answer to your funding needs, sometimes in ways that you hadn't thought of!


    No matter how complex or seemingly difficult your requirements may be, let us know and you may be very pleasantly surprised at what we can do for you.


    Just look at what is available via The Coachmen:


    Working Capital Finance

    Commercial Mortgages

    Development Finance

    Short Term Finance (Bridging and Auction Finance)

    Investment Mortgages

    Corporate But-to-Lets

    Asset Finance

    Business and Personal Loans


    Minimum advance £50K. No maximum.


    Hit 'Let's Chat' on the left, to make contact and get your business funding on track. (Or return to The Coachmen page [www.thecoachmen.net] and send an email)


  • Sample of TESTIMONIALS........ (taken from LinkedIn pages)

    I was appointed by The Review Company to assist in the development of their business. Paul Violet was Sales Director and from day 1, Paul was totally supportive of my role and we worked well together in initiating ideas and plans to take the business forward.
    Paul is quietly efficient and I saw first-hand that he is able to win the support and loyalty of both staff and customers alike through excellent communication skills and the highest degree of integrity and honesty. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Paul again at any time.


    Paul Bentley

    Bentley Brothers Ltd



    I recently heard Paul present at the BSBC networking group and he was excellent. If anyone reading this hasn't seen Paul speak, get him to come along to speak to your network!


    Sarah Decent



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