• From Corporate Management Development to Personal Guidance, to Commercial Funding.

    Paul Violet (with Clive Snell)

  • Executive and Management Training, Coaching and Development.

    AND a fully comprehensive Commercial Funding Facility.


    "Be focussed, but use a wide angle lens"


    Originally trading as Business Development Therapy, Paul has many years of experience in the delivery of BDT, which provides a specific look at you, your business basics and delivery. Now having joined forces with the highly experienced Clive Snell to form The Coachmen, we have doubled the benefit to all our clients!

    Apart from Executive and Management coaching and development, The Coachmen are able to provide One2one Business and Personal Mentoring, larger scale seminars for groups, Team Building or whole company participation. Individual Confidence Building and Presentation Skills.

    The Coachmen is a bespoke facility available as both a business development and personal development opportunity for all those who are able to admit that ‘things could be better’.
    Clarity of thought along with many years of experience and delivery creates the perfect environment to deal with the issues that are causing the perceived (and sometimes unperceived) problems.





    The Alternative Commercial Funding Facility is a functioning part of what The Coachmen do.

    AND on highly competitive terms!


    Most, if not all, businesses need funding at some time. Most businesses go to their bank.

    Most businesses could find alternatives that would provide the funding they require, often in a far more beneficial way!

    How? Because if you know where to look there is a myriad of lenders and funders employing PROFESSIONAL UNDERWRITERS, who can create the perfect answer to your funding needs, sometimes in ways that you hadn't thought of!


    No matter how complex or seemingly difficult your requirements may be, let us know and you may be very pleasantly surprised at what we can do for you.


    Just look at what is available via The Coachmen:


    Working Capital Finance

    Commercial Mortgages

    Development Finance

    Short Term Finance (Bridging and Auction Finance)

    Investment Mortgages

    Corporate But-to-Lets

    Asset Finance

    Business and Personal Loans


    Minimum advance £50K. No maximum.


    Hit 'Let's Chat' on the left, to make contact and get your business funding on track. (Or return to The Coachmen page [www.thecoachmen.net] and send an email)


  • Be focussed, but use a wide angle lens!



    The Coachmen

    From Corporate Management to Personal Development. Coaching, but not as you know it! 

    Jan 2015 – Present

    Having worked for some time as Business Development Therapy on a one to one basis, Paul is now combining his many years of experience with Clive Snell, who is similarly experienced in the genuine art of coaching. Together The Coachmen are able to offer Executive and Management, business and personal development that is based on actual experience.

    Not based on the books and courses of others but from personal experiences and from the heart.

    Borne from a genuine empathy toward the very personal and unique situation of each individual business and client, of every size and hue.

    The Coachmen approach business and personal development from a very different direction, and look forward to explaining the journey to all who are seeking improvement.


    AND, our very specific bespoke Commercial Funding Facility is something that is making a splash!

    Business Development Therapy

    BDT - Business Development Therapy 

    Jan 2002 – 2013

    Not a Business Coach and not a Sales Trainer, but a Personal Business Development Consultant.
    Working with SMEs to improve and develop individual management and leadership skills, and on a personal basis to create solutions to an array of issues.
    Using easy to understand and to follow processes, that will create the environment and relationships that will take your business to the next level, and you to the place you want to be.

  • What people have said........ (taken from LinkedIn pages)

    I was appointed by The Review Company to assist in the development of their business. Paul Violet was Sales Director and from day 1, Paul was totally supportive of my role and we worked well together in initiating ideas and plans to take the business forward.
    Paul is quietly efficient and I saw first-hand that he is able to win the support and loyalty of both staff and customers alike through excellent communication skills and the highest degree of integrity and honesty. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Paul again at any time.


    Paul Bentley

    Bentley Brothers Ltd



    I recently heard Paul present at the BSBC networking group and he was excellent. If anyone reading this hasn't seen Paul speak, get him to come along to speak to your network!


    Sarah Decent



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